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Feb 15, 2023Liked by JB Oger

This is a subject I find very interesting (And you may or may not have made me buy Escape from Tarkov), I've always thought up games where injuries would be localized and it would be somewhat realistic.

Some games with zombies have the approach of making them invulnerable unless you shoot the brain (But you could still break the limbs to make them slowers and stuff) and while it can't really apply to normal humans, it makes a lot of sense for zombies and robots alike and is more interesting imo.

This also makes me think of People Playground, an unfinished 2D sandbox game where the humans you can play around with don't have a big health bar but instead multiple connected body parts with each their health bar and points where they are attached to other limbs (That can be ripped off).

To define if they're alive or dead it's all about if they run out of blood in the head / the head takes too much damage. It's very fun to play around with.

I could read 10x times more on this subject, I felt like the article was too short xD

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