Where's the button to report this article, because i'm in it and i don't like it haha. Jokes aside, great article i would love more of this kind after your vacation :D

However i'm not sure to understand the conclusion when you say :

"If you’re at the beginning of your career and didn’t form a strong opinion yet, I’d always advocate maintaining distance with whatever you read or learn about game dev."

A stong opinion about the mantra "Follow the fun" right ? So if i don't want to follow the mantra blindly as my new religion i should take my distance a bit with gamedev stuff ? ^^" I think i'm completely missing the point but i would like to understand

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You got it right! I like to read (and write) strong opinions on things, how to get them done and what works best but I also know that if I didn’t try several approaches, I wouldn’t have found my favorite (which isn’t the same for every person!)

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