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On this page, I’ll share other game & design articles worth reading.

Game Design

  • How to identify million dollar ideas for your game studio (link)

  • 68 gamedev ideas (link)

  • Colors of Game Design (link)

  • Puzzle Level Idea Strategies (link)

  • Designing Achievements for Your Games (link)


  • The Nine States of Design (link)


  • Making People Understand And Care About Your Game (link)


  • The hidden costs of indie game development (link)

  • Indie game dev : Assessing risks (link)

Personal archives (Medium)

Some of the articles I wrote before The Arcade Artificer (all free & ad-less)

Game systems

  • The Brilliant Crafting System in The Last of Us (link)

  • The Weird Incremental Economy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (link)

  • Extensive Look at Progression in Disney Heroes (part 1 | part 2)

  • Exploring the Sheer Potential of Watch Dogs: Legion (link)

Game design in general

  • The Trial of Nathan Drake (link)

  • The Greatness of the Open World Formula (link)

  • How to Win at Every Game Ever (link)

  • Lessons in Open World Design: A Ghost Recon Story (link)

Board games

  • The Design of Azul (link)

  • Conceiving Delightful Experiences: The Force of Elegant Game Design (link)

  • Roll & Write is the Best Board Game Genre You’re Not Even Playing Yet (link)

  • How I Designed a Pirate Treasure Hunt Board Game (part 1 | part 2 | part 3)

Game industry

  • Obnioxious NFTs Enthusiasts Won’t Convince Anyone (link)

  • How the Game Industry Turned Accessibility into Profit (link)

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